29-31 July 22
New Site in Dorset

Zero Carbon Event

The event runs on 100% Solar Power.

We are charging a small additional CO2 offset charge for all cars, vans and traders that come to our event which will be used for a tree planting project in the UK.


Reusable Cups

This year we are using reusable cups. Hire a cup for £1 with your first drink, then use the cup for the duration of the festival. At the end leave them behind to go back, be washed and used at other festivals. The £1 charge covers the cup hire, washing and transport! We have Pint and 1/2 pint cups that you can swap during the event.

As these cups get washed and used at multiple festivals this is the best environmental solution. They are also 100% recyclable and get recycled back into new cups at the end of their life.


No Single use Plastic

No plastic bottles will be sold onsite, we will have free water points where you can fill your Cup, or your own refillable bottle. Also why not think about bringing your own plate and cutlery too. We have sinks at the waterpoints.


We are really sorry to say that the Bimble Express Train can no longer go head. It was a hopeful gamble that we could make it work, and despite a lot of interest only a tiny amount of people booked seats. Unfortunately it does not make it a sustainable option. We are a bit gutted. And sorry.

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