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we would love to have our Bimble family come stay!
Wild Camping & Off Grid Holidays

To our wonderful Bimble family, our crew, musicians, artists, chefs, creators and players. We are so sorry to say we can’t gather to dance and love and laugh together this summer.
But what a celebration we can have in 2021 !!!!
All bookings will be rolled over to 2021 or if you prefer a refund then please see below.
Wishing you all the wellness.

Bimble Bandada 2021 dates confirmed:
30th July - 1st Aug 2021

If you would not like to move your booking to 2021 and prefer a refund please reply to the confirmation email which has your entry codes in and let us know you would like a refund. We are offering refunds via PayPal only so please let us know a PayPal email address which you would like the refund sent to.

..... roll on 2021....

PS: its pronounced "Ban-dad-a!" (it's Spanish)
Definition of bandada in the Spanish dictionary: The first definition of flock in the dictionary of the real academy of the Spanish language is the number of birds that fly together. Another meaning of flock in the dictionary is set of fish. Flock is also a troop or bustling group of people.
(not a large colour handkerchief typically worn tied around the head or neck!)

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