26-28 July 24
East Dorset

Happily announcing that
Bimble Bandada will be back in 2024.

Back with our own organic, magical, rootsy, festival vibes.
at our stunning site in East Dorset.
(about 10 miles from Bournemouth)

Now On Sale

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We are keeping the Bandada at its new smaller bijoux size;
because it felt good.

To help spread the cost, we have our Flexi Pay system. You can pay the initial 10%, then pay the remainder in instalments as and when you can.

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Photos by Tomm Morton: TheLightscaper

PS: its pronounced "Ban-dad-a!" (it's Spanish)
Definition of bandada in the Spanish dictionary: The first definition of flock in the dictionary of the real academy of the Spanish language is the number of birds that fly together. Another meaning of flock in the dictionary is set of fish. Flock is also a troop or bustling group of people.
(not a large colour handkerchief typically worn tied around the head or neck!)

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